I’m Alyssa Abonales, a graduate of Petroleum Engineering using blogging as a catalyst for personal and career development.

Most of my freelance work is focused on helping small to medium scale businesses to improve their content especially in the fields of engineering and technology.

Engineering isn’t the only topic I write about, I’ve written various topics ranging from lifestyle articles to mental health and self-improvement.

Recent Posts

Get to Know More About Solar Energy

Solar energy or solar power is energy from the sun that is converted to thermal or electrical energy. When you …
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Get to Know More about Wind Energy

Did you know wind energy was a form of solar energy? Well, now you do! Wind is the motion of …
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Sari-Sari Store the Filipino Convenience Store

When grocery stores are too far from homes, a Sari-sari store will save the day. What is a Sari-sari store? …
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6 Things You should Know for Healthy Grieving

Grieving is a natural response to loss. People grieve when they encounter loss of someone or something that has died …
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3 Fundamental Types of Well Completion

For the oil and gas industry, production of the hydrocarbons in a surveyed reservoir is the main goal of a …
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Carinderia: a Filipino’s Eatery

Filipinos enjoy food a lot. They’re known to make tasty dishes. Carinderias seem to be everywhere. May it be a …
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Why is Safety Important in Offshore Operations?

Safety is often sacrificed when project managers want to cut down on costs and hasten operations or production. After all, …
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Different Subsea Pipe-laying Methods

Pipe-laying on the seafloor requires you to consider a number of things to ensure that the installed pipeline will be …
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5 ways to Achieve Psychological Flexibility

What is Psychological Flexibility? Psychological flexibility simply means acting on longer term values rather than short term impulses. Basing your …
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Effects of Fake News on Society

The spread of fake news in several social media sites have been rampant. Its effect on each person differs from …
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Understanding Stress Resilience

Stress resilience can be defined as an individual’s ability to optimize neurochemical stress response during exposure and terminate the stress response …
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