Alyssa is a self- employed freelance writer with a degree in Bachelor of Science in Petroleum Engineering. Most of her freelance work is focused on helping small to medium scale businesses to improve their content especially in the fields of engineering and technology.

Most of her clients are impressed by her ability to write great content because of her understanding in processes, physics, technologies, and concepts about engineering. She took subject courses about the basics of electrical machines such as AC/DC circuits, controls and instrumentation, and various other subjects such as engineering drawing, drilling technology, plant design and equipment design.

Alyssa also took on subjects with a chemical engineering nature such as the basics of organic and analytical chemistry, fluid mechanics, and unit operations.

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She excelled more on basic geology and petroleum geology. She had also taken up formation evaluation which is a subject that deals with interpreting data logs such as calliper data, seismic logs, neutron logs, and other logs common in the oil and industry.

Although the nature of her degree is more on engineering, she has taken a liking in medically inclined subjects. She is comfortable in reading and understanding basic human anatomy and physiology such as processes and diseases.

Recently, she had been trained as a first aider. During this time she learned common emergencies and first aid procedures with no difficulties.

Alyssa’s university’s curriculum requires her program to take psychology courses. She has done research in basic psychology, a topic in which she hasn’t much difficulty in understanding and writing about. Because of this she was immediately hired as a writer for psychotherapy websites such as:




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When she doesn’t read or study about academic subjects she loves to draw and doodle. Alyssa tends to draw cartoons, anime or chibi. The medium she uses most comfortably are pencils. She’s a big fan of anime series and some cartoons. Documentaries are one of her favourite shows to watch. She also appreciates a good read. She’s fond of detective, thriller and mystery subjects; and she reads biographies and other genre from time to time.